Silent Knight Fire Alarm  


Primary Systems designs, supplies, installs, and supports reliable Silent Knight fire alarm systems that will protect your building and comply with codes and standards.

Who is Silent Knight?

Silent Knight, is a part of Honeywell's Life Safety group, manufactures fire alarm control panels and their accessories, and digital receivers for the low-voltage market and central stations. Silent Knight fire alarm products are easy-to-install and commission, and offer features and benefits not found in competitive products.

Who wants to work with products that don't work together?

Tired of paying $200 for a smoke detector? Silent Knight fire alarm products not only talk to each other, they also communicate with other systems. Silent Knight fire alarm crosses the traditional industry boundaries by integrating such products as fire detection, voice evac, remote PC programming and digital communications of system events. Plus, Primary Systems and Silent Knight fire alarm provide a full range of accessories like smoke detection, pull and base stations. So you can be sure you're not just getting a system, you're investing in a total-term solution.

With Silent Knight being the world's most experienced provider of central station equipment, you can rest assured that your facility's information will be transmitted and received with no errors. That could save lives, or at the very least, the expense and hassle of compatibility problems.

What makes Silent Knight better? 

Put any two panels on a wall and you'll never see the difference. Compare their spec sheets, and you still might not know which is superior. That's because it takes more than parts to make a product special. At Primary Systems, we don't just design commercial fire protection systems. Our team of experienced NICET certified fire alarm safety experts design integrated solutions.

Any supplier can sell you a product that monitors your facility. Only Primary Systems and Silent Knight offers you integrated fire alarm solutions including innovative technology, marketing savvy, engineering expertise and superior technical support.

Silent Knight products come with benefits, not just features

Silent Knight's line of commercial protection products offers end-to-end solutions with unprecedented levels of power and control. That means you'll have more accurate information about your facilities. Fewer service calls. And lower maintenance costs. No other supplier can say all that and still deliver.

From educational, hospital, industrial and commercial complexes, to retail, institutional and governmental buildings, Silent Knight's broad range of products provides the functionality and customized flexibility you need for your own environment.

If you want a solution that offers the best features -- and benefits -- in a commercial protection system, consider the Silent Knight solution.

Products & Services

  • Analog Systems
  • Conventional Systems    
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Central Monitoring
  • Stand Alone Devices
  • Design/Build
  • Test & Inspection
  • System Auditing
  • Code Compliance Auditing          
  • Engineered Drawings

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